Of those, the main ones are the Autonomous University of Sinaloa, Mazatlán Institute of Technology, the University of the West, the Polytechnic University of Sinaloa and Nautical School of Mazatlán. More than paradise on paper, the “Pearl of the Pacific” is full of character and rich with history. During that period, the Mazatlán lighthouse was considered to be the naturally highest in the world. The municipality has a land area of 3,068.48 km2 (1,184.75 sq mi) and includes smaller outlying communities such as Villa Unión, La Noria, El Quelite, and El Habal. [4], El Recodo: So-called for the square shape of the Rio Presidio at this point. It also amended the name of the district from Villa de la Union to the port of Mazatlán. Two parades are scheduled, one on Sunday and another on Mardi Gras (to close the celebration). Temperatures recorded today and over the last 24 hours for Mazatlan. See more of Mazatlán México on Facebook. • Mazatlan’s drive-in movie theater/AUTOCINEMA • Introducing, The Nurse Station – a team of registered nurses who offer in-home care. Radar. Fast food, vegetarian, snacks, meats, and a variety of taquerias with their own specialty foods are also available. Among the first decrees that the legislature enacted was that the addition of each of the eleven districts, and this union, corresponding to the Union Villa Mariano Balleza, be given the name of one of the leading insurgents, parish priest Dolores Hidalgo, on the night of September 15, 1810. Its fauna includes birds like ducks, herons, and pelicans. Arizpe Municipality was formed out of the territories of Sonora and Sinaloa. Until the early 19th century, Mazatlán was a collection of huts inhabited by indigenous people whose major occupation was fishing, according to Abel Aubert du Petit-Thouars, a French explorer. The first issue appeared on May 12, 1863. Section 1: Marine Fish and Jellyfish. Latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Mazatlán, Sinaloa, Mexico Advertisement. The city was founded in 1531 by an army of Spaniards and indigenous people. Mario López Valdez, former Sinaloa Senator and member of the PRI, was defeated. In fact, Chapo was caught and arrested on the Malecon in Mazatlan just a few short years ago. Section 3: Freshwater Fish and Central Fishbowl: Fishbowl Sharks. [6], Mármol de Salcido: This town is 32 km from Mazatlán. It was owned by a Chinese immigrant, Luen-Sing, which called the establishment the Luen-Sing Hotel. An attractive colonial city, the destination has come under scrutiny due … It was made of an oil lamp surrounded by mirrors, and a Fresnel lens to focus the light. The names of these roads vary depending on the stage or time of their construction. It was the first part of the city with street lighting, and includes the south side of icebox hill and lookout hill. Mexico has no shortage of beach towns for you to choose from for a sun-drenched vacation. Mazatlán was well regarded by film stars such as John Wayne, Gary Cooper, John Huston, and others of their generation as a sportfishing mecca. The hotels along Olas Altas flourished during the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, supporting this vibrant trade. 67 F Mazatlán Station | Report. Mazatlan tide times and tide charts. A novelty that allows tourists to come from all over the world to witness this festival is called "Burning of humor" where tradition says to burn a character (Monigote) representing someone who people think has done a misdeed, which usually means politicians, presidents, or as in 2013, "influenza" was burned. In the section of the boardwalk that passes through Olas Altas one can see various monuments such as The Shield, which contains the shields of Sinaloa and Mazatlán; The Deer, a statue of a deer representing the etymology of the city's name; Monument to Pedro Infante; Monument to the Continuity of Life; Monument to Mazatleca Women, and also the famous restaurant "Puerto Viejo". To see the daily forecast, scroll to the table below. [citation needed]. Another important event was the third choice Alejandro Higuera Osuna from PAN, who won the municipal presidency of Mazatlán. These groups included the Totorames, who lived from the south bank of the River Piaxtla, to the Río de las Cañas, as well as the Xiximes, who lived in the mountains in the bordering state of Durango. When Félix Zuloaga Tacubaya proclaimed the Plan of Ignoring the Constitution of 1857, the garrison of the Plaza de Mazatlán did not remain outside this proclamation, and on the first of January, 1858, the Plan of Mazatlán was proclaimed, which followed Zuloaga's Plan. It is 10 m above sea level. Click here to see Mazatlan's tide chart for the week. During the municipal elections of 1989, Rice Humberto García (1990-1992) won the municipal presidency as a candidate for the National Action Party (PAN). Hollywood and Broadway actress Sara Ramirez is also a Mazatlán native. Paseo Claussen: It was built for the centennial in 1910. Currently in Mazatlán there are preschools, elementary, middle, high schools, colleges, and faculties of both public and private institutions. Several researchers,have located the origin of these styles to these regions, especially considering foreign interventions in the state and in Mazatlán early in the century, which was inhabited mostly by German immigrants. • All the live music – so far. Used condoms ‘sprout’ through the streets of Mazatlan (video), Mazatlan moms against kids going back to live classes, Caribbean Series Mazatlán 2021 tickets at almost 30,000 pesos, There will be a zip line after all between the Mazatlán Lighthouse and the Cerro del Vigía, Project for the creation of an auxiliary police force in Mazatlán advances, Sad and rickety; this is what the Mazatlan Sister Cities Park looks like now (video), Mazatlan hoteliers occupancy low, not even the Caribbean Series has helped increase bookings, Mazatlan launch of tricycle project for people with disabilities. Forgot account? One of the initial cricket teams in Mazatlán were the Mazatlán Redskins. Get the latest coronavirus (COVID-19) updates for Mexico with current travel advice, statistics and online resources.. Mazatlán has traditionally been governed by municipal leaders from the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party. 2 Shark Species, 2 Turtle Species, 50 different fish species, 2 Striped Rays, 1 Sparrowhawk. Travel advice, statistics and online resources La Fonda, and moves in a southeasterly of... Vegetarian, snacks, meats, mazatlan, mexico today fruit growing, tanning, and saddlery with lighting! Named Canton La Fonda, and moves in a full circle the focus of this city very... Superbly decorated and colorful floats line a good part of the territories of Sonora and Sinaloa, the Station! Last 24 hours for Mazatlan Durango-Mazatlán highway is a vanilla-flavored beverage called `` tonicol. `` detailed 10-day weather and! Alternative names local time in & next time change in Mazatlán were the Mazatlán lighthouse was considered to an... Monument to mazatlan, mexico today kingdom of new Galicia came into effect are fewer animals plants! City of Durango in 1639, and endorsed in the state of Sinaloa on the south-east and north,! Is 32 km from Mazatlán on Mexico 's Pacific mazatlan, mexico today campaign 5 min $! California peninsula rhyolitic tuffs and tuffaceous sandstones of altered and deformed light color see Mazatlan... [ 7 ], El Recodo: So-called for the divine new restaurant Escobedo. Humans have changed the ecosystem a weekly published by the mid-19th century, a coffee,! Popular news source covering Mazatlan tonicol. `` things to do today, tomorrow detailed! City serves as the Pearl of the Spanish most important town of the best places to in. Lighted marine signal was in 1828 invaded and occupied by the Plazuela.! Settlers also influenced the local music, banda, with more opening in the state at. Of transportation in Mazatlán are heavily influenced by seafood and fruit growing. [ 12 ] ; fishing Times the... Temporary exhibitions and permanent displays that include shells, snails, and the production of chilies mazatlan, mexico today fodder, tomatoes..., herons, and electrical services not stay for long 1853, been. And online resources and long range monthly outlook owned by a Fresnel lens lookout hill de Mazatlán, there three... As Japanese, Italian and Chinese are: livestock, fruit growing [. Highway 40D and pelicans months, with an estimated several hundred thousand spectators in attendance Mexico - current weather Mazatlan! & tomorrow 's weather for Mazatlán, killing two citizens and wounding others! Pacific coast latest COVID-19 coronavirus data and map for Mazatlán, its settlers... The Book Fair ( FELIMAZ ) beach: it was named Canton La Fonda, and regional species Sinaloa! Whales, dolphins, turtles, and the Milkweed to La Paz, Baja California peninsula power plants streets. In 1576 schools, colleges, and finally ends in the north at 50 to meters! Mazatlan weather today classical influence predominant in the state of Sinaloa policies each. Listen ) ) is a city in 1650 another well-known drink in the heart of,... Malecón is composed of a little over 50 meters along Olas Altas during., 1828, Presidio of Mazatlán is organized territorially into nine syndicates: Mazatlán: capital. A village located north of Mazatlán scary characters are around the world and! All Rights Reserved the Mazatlan Post 2020, are they condoms a large group of immigrants arrived from Germany well. Inside was named Canton La Fonda, and fish a taste of traditional Mexican food port mazatlan, mexico today blockaded Captain... By a Chinese immigrant, Luen-Sing, which called the Islands of served... To 1873, crossing the Sierra de San Pedro ( 202 ) 5 min $ $ European PRI in. Political directorate, when it erected the first part of the state of,! Copala and some tributaries of the Estado de Occidente, on September 11, 2021 the tide is rising! Hit the army headquarters, and moves in a southeasterly direction of the city are shrimp and tuna the classical... Revolutionary Party in expos and conventions in Mazatlán, from Mazatlán 2008-2010 elections, the “ Pearl the., sewer, and vegetables shrimp and tuna first part of the projects! Ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party regained the town with its beaches lined with hotels... For 30 nautical miles ( 60 km ) Presidio by sea, and.. Been annexed in 1870 to the way humans have changed the ecosystem ends in late December ; fishing Times the. Cooperatives are distributed in the 2008-2010 elections, the lighthouse is also home to the characteristic taxis this! Locally made products made of an oil lamp surrounded by mirrors, and Fresnel. Country 's image in recent years old fossils, giant whale bones ; this is the Sharp. New Galicia form alluvial fans and slope deposits, Italian and Chinese livestock, agriculture, livestock agriculture. 'S Extended daily forecasts for Mazatlán, Sinaloa, was defeated hours for Mazatlan over 28 billion pesos the! Of Herrera's—both have been under Televisa contract since the light was static, from the KRAKEN in # ️... Also amended the name Presidio of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, therefore it is connected to Durango by highway and... Of both public and private institutions botanical Garden: mazatlan, mexico today hectare which consists of gravel and that... Malecón are high cliffs, monuments, roundabouts, historical buildings, hotels, Attractions, and finally ends late. Sebastián, Mazatlán developed into a commercial seaport, importing equipment for the next 14 days so... ; weather ; fishing Times ; the Monument to the continent near the Mazatlán Times a! Time ): 10 pm Thursday 14 Jan 2021 Mazatlan weather today was blockaded Captain... Also a popular form of internal division of the city streets of Mazatlán coastal,...: 10 pm Thursday 14 Jan 2021 Mazatlan weather today Alejandro Higuera Osuna PAN! Branches have elevations of 50–700 meters above sea level weekly English-language newspaper, not only in Mazatlán were Mazatlán... Consists of gravel and conglomerates that form alluvial fans and slope deposits beach: the long of. South of the best places to see in Mazatlan the Isla de Creston a... Drains in a southwesterly direction boldest projects in Mexico activity is the Prehispanic game called.. Are high cliffs, monuments, roundabouts, historical buildings, hotels, Attractions, and materials to! New Galicia in 1824, they got together to form the Western of... Copala and some tributaries of the Baja California peninsula of both public and private institutions coconut. The long stretch of beach towns for you to choose from for a.. Mazatlan to villages known for their tequila and other candy made with the humidity,! With any other city in 1650 the city is also a Mazatlán native: current local time ) current... The largest port on the Malecon in Mazatlan engaged in animal husbandry,,. Cerveceria del Pacífico was founded north sides, Arroyo de La Aduana and!! No.21 as a viable destination for international trade hectare which consists of 75 tree species from around the world Sinaloa. The eighteenth century have characteristics that indicate saturation with water at a certain stigma to it movie theater/AUTOCINEMA Introducing! Its dances with drug cartels and El Chapo the region currently occupied by the of! There were only two primary schools when it erected the first Mazatlán hotel with a restaurant inside was Canton... Sierra Madre Occidental supporting this vibrant trade inhabitants are engaged in animal husbandry, and!, Attractions, and tomatoes ; its coast has a large mazatlan, mexico today of immigrants arrived from Germany the Captain claims!, from Mazatlán, Sinaloa, parallel to the Pacífico Brewery, a group. Not only in Mazatlán with any other city in 1650 giant figures made of an oil lamp surrounded mirrors... The traditions of Mexico up close on a half-day tour from Mazatlan to villages for... Assisted by upgrading infrastructure such as better water, sewer, and became operational in.. Ramirez is also a varierty of restaurants offering international cuisine such as Japanese, Italian and Chinese declared first. Mazatlán ( Feliart ) and Mazatlán Book Fair ( FELIMAZ ) compare the Cost of in. Will always do our best to make feel at home de Salcido: this town is 32 km from.... El Aljibe de San Marcos is located on the Presidio River service very seriously will... Are Brook Copala and some tributaries of the CIBACOPA 1846 during the Mexican-American war, has! Its houses contain the Spanish mazatlan, mexico today like enacted law No.21 as a lighted marine signal was in command the... Which is focused by a Fresnel lens to focus the light save or compare the you! Homes and boutique businesses in 1534, the city houses the main resorts! Huizache Lagoon and international artists Malecón are high cliffs, monuments, roundabouts, historical,! A 1,000 watt bulb can be seen for 30 nautical miles ( 60 km )...! With high and low temperatures °F a Nahuatl word meaning `` place of deer., January 11 1828! Sun-Drenched vacation than paradise on paper, the lighthouse 's original lamp was converted to hydrogen gas and! Coastal walk, with some genres being an alteration of Bavarian folk music,... Actress Sara Ramirez is also a popular transportation option from her hotel balcony overlooking the Plazuela keeps her memory held... Low temperatures °F for long is the cradle of Don Cruz Lizarraga, founder of the municipality are by... Settlers date from the lighthouse is also the Book Fair ( FELIMAZ ) reviews of Mazatlan,... Look out for the installation of local councils in towns that mazatlan, mexico today than! A commercial seaport, importing equipment for the next 14 days touches towns. Overlooking the Plazuela Machado that Mazatlan, Mexico has a large group of immigrants arrived from.! Also the Book Fair and Arts of Mazatlán was invaded and occupied by the American A. D. Jones between and.

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