Edmund Beaufort, 4th Duke of Somerset, held Warwick responsible for his father's death in 1455, while he had executed his elder brother in 1464; Warwick and Clarence quickly found themselves isolated by the new regime. King Edward VI College. Upcoming Events. Please visit: www.4yp.org.uk Every Mind […] "[57], Commentators observe a marked difference between Edward's first period as king, and the second. We are an independent, boarding and day school for girls and boys aged 11-18. I am very proud of our school, a school which is both ambitious for, and supportive of, every pupil it serves. The most comprehensive modern biography was written by Charles Ross in 1974, who concluded that Edward's greatest apparent achievement – the peace and stability of his latter years – was squandered in short-term aggrandisement. This was strengthened in 1447, when York became heir to the childless King Henry VI on the death of Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester. [4][a], Allegations of illegitimacy were discounted at the time as politically inspired, and by later historians. Joining King Edwards. Based in Ludlow Castle, he was supervised by his uncle, Anthony Woodville, 2nd Earl Rivers, who also acted as his regent for the Council of Wales and the Marches. But Edward had by now too many supporters (especially in London) for him to be kept under tutelage for long. [17], On 2 February 1461,[d] Edward won a hard-fought victory at Mortimer's Cross. Hello and welcome to King Edward VI High School. [30] Others argue if this was his purpose, there were far better options available; all agree it had significant political implications that impacted the rest of Edward's reign. The Three Rivers Teaching School Alliance has developed a strong network of schools to deliver a dynamic School Direct teacher training programme. [53] He fell fatally ill at Easter 1483, but survived long enough to add codicils to his will, the most important naming his brother as Protector after his death. The battle was preceded by a meteorological phenomenon known as parhelion, or three suns, which he took as his emblem, the "Sun in splendour". This was followed by Henry's death a few days later; a contemporary chronicle claimed this was due to "melancholy," but it is generally assumed he was killed on Edward's orders. As he grew older, he showed considerable ingenuity in raising money by reviving obsolescent rights and using doubtfully legal devices. – Mrs Kirsty von Malaisé, Principal [82], Edward IV's eldest son, also named Edward, was made Prince of Wales when he was seven months old and given his own household at the age of three. [74] He also began a major upgrade of St George's Chapel, Windsor, where he was buried in 1483; later completed by Henry VII, it was badly damaged during the First English Civil War, and little of the original work remains. I invite you to explore this site and find out more about why this school is a great place to learn. Stourbridge, West Midlands DY8 1TD; For Sat Nav use: DY8 1YR; 01384 398100; View on a map; reception@kedst.ac.uk; Popular links. Find out more about our ethos, values and curriculum. Fought on 29 March in the middle of a snowstorm, it was the bloodiest battle ever to take place on English soil, and ended in a decisive Yorkist victory. The choice of school for your child is a very important one and requires deep consideration. Aims & Values. Upper School (0114) 266-2518. office@kes.sheffield.sch.uk. Join our Alumni. Lancastrian... Get a Britannica Premium subscription and gain access to exclusive content. Home; Covid-19 Guidance; About. [35], Outwardly, the situation remained unchanged, but tensions persisted and Edward did nothing to reduce the Nevilles' sense of vulnerability. Nearly all the remaining Lancastrian leaders were killed on the field or executed afterward, and, after murdering Henry (May 21–22) and repelling an attack on London, Edward was secure for the remainder of his life. [14], The implications of removing the legally accepted heir to the throne created substantial opposition to the Yorkist administration; in late 1460, Edward was given his first independent command and sent to deal with a Lancastrian insurgency in Wales. Mr. Bennet Carr. In 2018, Ofsted agreed that "this is a good school". King Edward’s is a highly academic school, but it is also a thriving community full of individual talents and personalities. K.E.S. At Northampton in July, he commanded one of three divisions in a Yorkist victory that led to the capture of Henry VI. [34], With Edward still in the north, the royal army was defeated by a Neville force at Edgecote Moor on 26 July 1469. They returned to London, where they assembled an army to remove these 'evil councillors' and establish good government. Welcome to the website of King Edward’s, Bath’s oldest school. Commercial treaties with France (1475), Burgundy (1468), and the Hanseatic League (1474) combined with external peace and growing internal order to revive trade strikingly after 1475, and this benefitted the customs duties and other revenues.

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