Sir! Meet you at the bottom, OK? The Chief pulls down the handle and the bay doors cycle open, the bay decompressing rapidly. Understood. This isn't good. (If you take too long to approach the door). Apparently, Regret jumped the gun when he attacked Earth. I'd rather not piss this thing off. The signals are originating somewhere below your position. ), CHAPTER 03: "Sorry, Were You in the Middle of Something?". We'll hold them off as long as we can! You are greeted by a Marine at the entrance. The camera cuts to a close up of the Leader as he talks, then cuts to the Arbiter after the Leader finishes. Go, Arbiter. The diagnostic software sets your targeting system to be normal. You enter a large warehouse in pursuit of the Scarab. It's odd...the Covenant know we made landfall, but they don't seem to consider us a very serious threat. Clear this LZ, the Pelicans are right behind us! I'll disable this lift once you reach the top. Then listen up! (There are two other lines if you wait around long enough: something about the cable being the installation's fail-safe and being glad someone had the foresight to cut it, and another about the Flood perishing in the planet's liquid nitrogen core.). This installation has a successful utilization record of 1.2 trillion simulated and one actual. After emerging from the elevator, there is another hologram of the Prophet of Regret spouting religious rhetoric and chanting. This crisis will not be the end of us. The Chief watches from the stern of a Pelican as the clouds roll by below. Well, I guess it was all obsolete, anyway. The Great Journey is-. You will die, as each Arbiter has before you. The Covenant must be trying to regroup. NextGenWalkthroughs: LEGO PotC - Pt. =(It sucks cause I am introducing this game to 2 friends who have never played the Halo series, and I really want them to enjoy it. Does that character have anything to do with Halo 2? Every Arbiter, from first to last. Hefting his massive hammer, Tartarus turns to face the Arbiter and Johnson. Your father's actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of military service. You wouldn't believe the number of kill systems the Covenant are throwing down around me. Not a very original plan, but we know it'll work. . Any questions are cut off as the Heretic opens fire on the Arbiter with twin plasma rifles. There is still time to stop the key from turning. Truth is moving through the lower levels of the tower. They'll need an escort that isn't afraid of a little hostile ground fire. With the help of the Spec-Ops Leader, you fight your way through a small canyon past a number of Brute-piloted vehicles. It's obviously a weapon. Earth. Spec Ops and his companions turn and walk out of the room. Hang on! Sir, boarders have breached the fire control center. Ooookay. No enemy has ever withstood our might. Cortana, prioritize targets and fire at will. The Sergeant sets a hand on the Marine's shoulder. Once at the 2nd cutscene. Two Brutes are shown bickering over another one of the helmets, while another appraises his staff as if were a new toy. I'll vector two heavies for starside intercept. watch: watch Pillar of Autumn Final (Ending Cutscene for Pillar of Autumn - MC escapes the ship and heads for Halo. We will protect this vessel. He'll never escape this maelstrom in a Banshee! As the cinematic begins, the Arbiter turns to face the Scarab, which has begun to stir. Cortana appears on a pedestal near the bomb. Master Chief, get aboard that carrier, and secure the Prophet of Regret. The Hierarchs do not take kindly to failure... As the gondola approaches a large ledge where a grouping of Flood wait. It's In Amber Clad! (As you ride the elevator platform down to the airlock). (During this speech, two dropships swoop in low over the platform and disappear in the distance. A very well encrypted message from the prophet of Truth. The Chief walks off the gondola and looks around, then up. Truth's Phantom is nearing the Forerunner ship! The Lieutenant got hit as soon as we dropped in! 15:04. The Elites are falling back to the mausoleum. (Once you finish a fight near a set of bay windows). The controls to extend the bridge should be inside this structure. Soon as that door opens�let �em have it! Chief, take first platoon. We're keeping pace as best we can. Boy, are they in for a big surprise. The Master Chief is teleported into the Council Chamber, right next to a very surprised grunt. The Elites cautiously advance, followed by the Spec Ops Leader and the Arbiter. You want me to leave it like that, or make it inverted? Any cell will do. Thou, in faith, will keep up safe whilst we find the path. Arrogant creature! Blasted machines! The Arbiter notices a hologram of the station, and watches it thoughtfully. (Cut to Master Chief's pod. As you can see, they recharge a lot faster! Dr. Halsey is questioned about … Lower the shield, Arbiter! 343 added that cutscene into the Anniversary edition of Halo 2 only to promote Halo 5 (and no he has nothing to do with Halo 2). The Arbiter kills the Heretic Leader, and begins to drag his corpse to the hangar door. After defeating the Flood and encountering Brutes in the next room:). The second Covenant assault carrier passes below his position, and opens up with a huge pulse laser, narrowly missing him. When I asked for reinforcements, I didn�t think they�d send a Spartan. And we will be too sir, if we don' t get the hell out of here! She takes the Index from the pillar of light, which immediately disappears. He reaches up and takes the helmet of the Arbiter, and places it upon his head, then looks to the Hierarchs. A white armored Elite, the Spec Ops Leader, walks among them. Thanks, Tartarus. Sgt. (If you and some marines get into a Warthog, while you're rounding the corner over the cliff with the jackal snipers). I'm going loud! You emerge on the edge of a significantly higher cliff overlooking the sea, a Covenant ship floating in the sky far away. The Heretic Leader escapes via a Banshee and cuts across the station. . (In the large chamber, looking at the huge hologram of the Prophet of Regret). (Once you kill 2 more waves, a squad of Brutes will rise from the shaft the Prophets fled down). A Prophet. What you say is heresy. … Transcripts Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Truth is broadcasting on the move; it'll make him much easier to track. They ask for your allegiance, and you shall give it to the them. (The huge MAC cannon visible through the bay windows engages, the massive rail slide assembly lifting to the cannon's tip and then slamming back down as a shell bursts from the cannon and goes hurtling up to meet the Covenant fleet. The Arbiter proceeds to shoot/activate the pillars in the room. That cutscene was not in the original Halo 2 no. One retrieves Johnson, while the other two level their Brute Shots at the Arbiter. We're out of time, Chief! The Arbiter and his new allies punch through Flood resistance and arrive at another camp, where another Elite and the Spec Ops Leader are fighting off the Flood. Deal with him, my brothers! I am 343 Guilty Spark, Monitor of Installation 04. Transcendence huh? I hope. All systems are performing well within operational parameters. The Delta Halo surface. Be silent and swift, and we shall quell this heresy without incident. Covenant are crawling all over it. They're going to try to take our MAC guns offline, give their capital ships a straight shot at Earth. But frankly, it sounds like you might be doing Truth a favor. Of all the objects our lords left behind, there are none so worthless as these oracles! In space, a huge blue planet obscured by the buildings dominates the scene. How the Prophets would sacrifice us all for nothing. (The sound of Phantom engines drifts over the rooftop), (Another Pelican arrives, hovering over the courtyard). Just so you know, there are quite a few Elites guarding the bomb. At last. The carriers are breaking through, Sir! ELITE COMMANDER: The tasks you must undertake as the Arbiter are perilous, suicidal. Tartarus walks out,holding both Miranda Keyes and 343 Guilty Spark. The Brutes around Tartarus growl with anger and step forward as if to attack, but Tartarus stops them by raising his arms. I'm sending one of our Phantoms to support you. Don't worry, you can pick me up later. (The tram stops, to reveal a crowd of cheering Marines). I don't believe it! H2A is doing the same with these two additional cutscenes. Field of fire on that bulkhead. They're closing on Truth's position, Chief. The Phantom swoops toward the Sentinel Wall, behind which is the Library, protected by a shield. The marines are just inside. Did you crash on Outskirts as well in your playthroughs in co-op? Too many for me to track- We don't have much time. Please! There. We know you are no heretic. We don't have enough troops to manage such a large infestation. Noble Mercy is here, at my side, his wise counsel ever in my ears. You two whimper like Grunts fresh off the teat. The Chief arrives on the launch platform just as three Phantoms lift off. (Johnson climbs aboard the Pelican and dusts off), (Once you reach the second squad's position). Let the Chief show you how it's done. The Chief touches the pedestal, and Cortana downloads directly into his armor. The tank is disengaged and Sgt. Lord Hood is alone. Careful. The large disc-shaped structure beyond the control panel opens vertically to create three smaller circular platforms. Slay the demon on sight. The chief is standing outside the temple, with dead Covenant bodies behind him. I had no choice, Holy Oracle. Call when you're ready for evac. This armor suits you, but it cannot hide that mark. Forget Halo 3's bombastic aspirations. This thing is right. (After entering the room where the Arbiter was briefed on Sacred Icon). That creature beneath the Library, that "gravemind", used us. The Cairo is just one of three hundred geosync platforms. They called it...the Pillar of Autumn. How much further must we heft this baggage? After them! Which is nothing compared to what I'll do to you. The hologram expands to show the seven Halo rings, including the one that the Master Chief destroyed, which is tagged with a red marker. They are soon joined by a pair of Wraith tanks who come in from the nearby highway tunnel, as well as another pair of Banshees. I'll reverse this grav lift- drop down and try to cut him off. They're retreating, we won! I've been analyzing the Covenant tactical chatter. Each one created and consumed in times of extraordinary crisis. There are an uncountable number of slipspace ruptures, and hundreds of Covenant ships come out of slipspace, including High Charity.

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