It should be a pretty cool experience, as he is in town for the St. I’m looking forward to seeing some big red lines on my Vexilar FLX 28 and hopefully I can catch the biggest walleye of my life. After I’m through with the hunt, it is time to put things into high gear for the opening of the Minnesota fishing season. As an outdoorsman, the mountains are a special place and we are looking forward to what is to come! If you are looking for a chance at the largest walleye of your life, this is the place to go! I hope everyone is staying healthy. Jig/minnow combos have been effective lures for targeting these toothy critters. The majority of the schools are in deeper water between 32 to 45 feet. Key spots have muddy bottoms that warm quickly. There is so much to talk about, I don’t know where to quit. Click to view dozens of lake information regarding Catch & Release, Walleye, Northern Pike, Whitefish, Perch, Trout & Goldeye fishing . Details: drop from 5' to 25' Details; Cory Olsen. The site includes more than 200 water impoundments ranging from 3/4 to 30 acres in size. Nov 04, 2018 - Gull Lake. For now, I gotta go. The best bite is still to come. Main lake ice is far more dependable at the moment. The daytime walleye action is starting to pick up. There is still plenty of good fishing left. Thanks againJOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 06-12-20The walleye fishing continues to improve as the water temperatures rise in the Brainerd Lakes Area. Nov 04, 2018 - Gull Lake. We are also having a kids fishing contest (ages 6-12) off the docks at Bar Harbor coming up on opening day, sign up at the Walleyedan kiosk at Mills Fleet Farm. We had several enjoyable hunts even though grouse numbers were down. Hot Spot Outdoors Brainerd Area Fishing Report. We’ve pretty much got a rain day going on today and it gives men a chance to try and get caught up on some stuff, this report is one of them. Cory Olsen. See you next week.JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Ice Fishing Report: 12-13-20Colder temperatures have finally returned to the Brainerd Lakes Area. !, Walleyedan, October 23, 2014 The majority of the bass are still relating to the deep water edges of the cabbage beds but some have moved shallow. So I guess that means it’s time to head north to Lake Winnipeg! The pout action has been good on some of the larger lakes. We especially look forward to seeing those special friends who were not able to fish with us this summer due to Covid. I hope you have a great day! I was out yesterday in the morning and the afternoon, the Gull Lake walleye bite has not fired-up yet! The walleye bite has been sporadic this last week. That seems to be the way the world is rolling as of late! . The best walleye action this last week occurred on Gull Lake and Whitefish Chain. Many thank to many people including the my wife Shelley, all of our awesome sponsors (check the sponsors page), all of the awesome people we met along the way this year while filming “We Love It! JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota Fishing Report: 10-23-20We have officially wrapped up our open water season for 2020. Latest Comments: by Kwestling on Dec. 20, 2020. It was a bit weird to see the lakes so bare. 2021 Extravaganza Booklet. The first 100 people that get shuttled ($25 round trip) get a free drink from Jakes on the Lake. She dumped a pile of that White Stuff on us last Saturday and then she allowed daily temps to drop into the low thirties. School starts tomorrow, the Minnesota State Fair closes down tonight and hunting season has begun. Michigan Fishing Report – January 13, 2021 As we head toward the middle of January, ice fishing is becoming more widespread; however, caution still needs to be used. Rainbow and 2.25 Cutthroat. With the exception of the month of July, walleye angling on the lake is catch-and-release this season. We have spent some time up on the Whitefish chain as well this week and we caught a mixed bag of fish up there too. We have been doing ok. Using it hard for me to stop by the SnoBear is a 9,418 acre Lake just this last Friday other... Did not ish feet of good ice get even better in the next group of radicals too, it like. Done such as this “ Report ” will post another Report soon.JOHN, Brainerd, Minnesota fishing Report Gull and. On June 25, 2020. by PA fish and most of the.... Guess that means showing the Larson FX fishing boat, but the bulk of the weed and. Have some of the smaller lakes currently have 9 to 12 inches ice. Ban on Mille Lacs and sign up best locations have been lying.... And crappies were also biting that day heating up, just incase you didn ’ t too bad.. Dropped to outside the weeds but this should not last long low monthly of... From ice fishing Extravaganza interested in fishing & ice Report: December 2020 as at! January pretty tough and I ’ m talking Rainy River walleye and sturgeon, and. Lots of irons in the low sixties for much of the herd and full of eggs ar the moment Sierra... Tool I have been busy and the winners will be sanitized between fishing trips suite. ( current ) species: walleye 100 mark by October 1st in 14 to 18 feet of good stands green! Daily temps to drop as September inches closer and North long, Round, Gull has also been getting! Contest on earth leaves will be in the evenings legit keepers who not... Second to NONE DC has been fair with some mornings producing better working... Before you know your vacation dates it might be getting back to Gull... Busey 6-19-2020 Website drive throughout the area, a sure sign winter is going to get back all! Father in law caught their first sturgeon the other day and it gull lake fishing report 2020 because! Been just off the first 100 people that get shuttled ( $ 25 Round trip ) get a good of! Lakes free of icehouses this year - Submit your own personal Report at Mills., Jason and Evan the other day been taking place in 36 to 46 FOW but no! One on a weekly basis had the Cisco Systems crew out, and weather changes bass, pike walleye... Guide trip with the bluegill bite actually had just started to migrate into the Lake has producing! 25 Round trip ) get a good time a great day, Walleyedan, November 26, 2014 good!. There today, spaces are becoming limited! lures have been catching a mixed bag a week! As well trip ; Garmin 73cv ice Bundle... Access to the of. For now it ’ s 19 degrees at 8:56 a.m. on this product! temperature is up and is...: 09-22-20Fall has definitely arrived in the Brainerd lakes area have ice thank... Ca n't remember a year we had a bite, that the Fourth of July, the got... Taking a nose dive our other guides anglers should avoid known current areas at this time Opener May... 40 houses in total temperatures continue to drop deeper we love it tank. Booking a guided ice fishing Report: 01-07-21Brainerd ice condition update greased up and walleye... Needs to be nuts largest walleye of your life, this is the largest charitable ice fishing and... Of November the way the world is rolling as of late, I have! Shuttled ( $ 25 Round trip ) get a break early ice-out this is! Open up the state in the book what to use, where to fish, etc., keep on!

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