These are all 40 DK Coins in Donkey Kong Country 2. Reenter the level and repeat the progress as many times as desired. The lower passage mentioned previously connects to a smaller room below here, and it also contains a few Flotsams. Just go into the right door. As they head through the channel, they swim over an arrow directing them to the west that is formed by multiple bananas. The level might prove difficult since its layout cannot be initially seen. As with earlier underwater level, there are certain parts of the wall that Diddy and Dixie can swim through: this is required for them to obtain the DK Coin. The remaining 29 DK Coins can be obtained by achieving the following: Beat all the missions at Funky's Flights II (7 DK Coins). As they head through the large area, the Shuris charge at them and a Flotsam swims in their way. It is preceded by Hot-Head Hop and has Lava Lagoon come after it. Watch the walkthrough on YouTube: Donkey Kong Country 2 walkthrough Glimmer's Galleon It was released for the Nintendo Switch on June 22, 2015. Please Submit a Problem for any incomplete, non-working or fake cheat listed above. Bananas appear throughout the Kongs' path, although they must avoid following the bananas, which lead them to dead ends. Throw the kong upwards killing the enemy. Repeat as many times as needed to get 99 lives. Another thin passage is to the left of this Flotsam, and on the other side of it, there is a wider area that contains a Star Barrel and a trail of bananas leading downwards. ; You never want to be Diddy in this level he is bad please see diagram for proof. The level is an eerie cove that is full of caverns, which hold many secret treasures and shipwrecks from earlier Donkey Kong games. Sep 6, 2006. After you do this press 'start' then press 'select' to exit the level. Every now and again, in Glimmer's Galleon, one specific Flotsam would be yellow, and what's more, it would always be "lit," whether or not Glimmer was shining his light on it. Watch Queue Queue For this you have to beat K.Rool and successfully complete the game. On the other side of the channel, they can find some more Flotsams and a hidden channel that leads into a small room with a Banana Bunch in it. After the second DK Barrel, the Kongs must continue up past a Lockjaw. The primates can travel no farther in this direction, but if they head south from the passage found at the beginning of the level, they come up to a DK Barrel and a trail of bananas that they can follow to head over a pile of large crates and barrels that support a Klomp. The DK Coin is just above the end-of-level target. Speedrunning leaderboards, resources, forums, and more! Donkey Kong 64 Remastered is a remake of the Donkey Kong 64 from the Nintendo 64. A Banana Bunch appears in each corner of the room except the upper-right, where the Kongs can swim through the crate above to enter another room which has bananas in the shape of the number 4. In the upper path, the heroes can find a Lockjaw, some bananas in a small alcove, and a large barrel that they can swim through to find a hidden opening among the crates that holds a Banana Coin. This area also has a floating ship that appears to be owned by K. Rool. A small passage branches off of this room, and a Lockjaw patrols it. The invisible photograph appears left, and is only revealed when the Kongs obtain it. Beat the game and all five lost world levels. The DK Coin appears to the very left. I been trying to beat it on my Game Boy Advance and every time I go on one of the hot air balloons, it keeps descending into the lava and making me die no matter what I do. DK Hero Coin: Cranky's special coins are 40 in total number. The photograph is depicts Glimmer and appears on the fourteenth page of the, Shortly after the Star Barrel, the Kongs must swim past a Puftup. The Kremkoin is at the top-right of the area. Quick run in Glimmer's Galleon. "Glimmer's Galleon". A few things: Lockjaws charge faster here, some Puftups explode and near the start, go up into an alcove with a banana and an invisible red balloon where it is. You will see a number made out of bananas. If the trail is followed, the two friends head down towards a channel leading to the west, which holds a DK Barrel. Fill out the entire scrapbook that Wrinkly Kong gives the Kongs as homework (15 DK Coins). Wait for the third DK barrel in the stage to grab Diddy to reduce lag at the section after halfway. The lower path consists of a Lockjaw and some Flotsams, as well as two alcoves full of bananas. There is a wider section to the right of here, which is connected to the previous path that the Puftup blocks. The letter G is in the middle alcove above them. A red Zinger appears in the first Bonus Area. Once they reach the room on the other side of this channel, they can find a Puftup in the center of it that, when approached, explodes and shoots spikes across the room. Glimmer's Galleon is the twelfth level of Donkey Kong Land 2.It is the seventh area in Krem Cauldron. After all the Krows, there is a part with red and yellow bees hovering. Lockjaw's Locker is the fourth stage in Gangplank Galleon,Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and Donkey Kong Land 2. Report Problem. Gangplank Galleon ----- There are 5 DK coins and 11 Kremkoins to collect here. Go to the third stage in the Gloomy Gulch level (where there is a lot of wind). A passage that contains a trail of bananas is directly above the Shuri, and a crate that, exclusively in the Game Boy Advance version of the game, can be swum through to reach an Invincibility Barrel, is to the right of them. Glimmer's Galleon: DK Coin. Gloomy Galleon is an eerie cove that is full of caverns, which hold many secret treasures and shipwrecks from perhaps earlier Donkey Kong games. The second Bonus Level is similar to the first one, except the Kongs have only 35 seconds to obtain the Kremkoin. Note: There is a bonus stage afterwards. Go up you will see a door do not go inside it. Kremkoin Drop into the "hole" (a crack in the ship) immediately left of [N]; walk to the right, to directly under [N]. Glimmer's Galleon takes place in the flooded cargo of a dark, submerged galleon. Gangplank Galley - Coin 3 At the entry point of the level, there should be a stack of barrels. DK Coin in Glimmer's Galleon. They can either head through an area to the north, or a different area to the south. This is a wooden ship with 3 rigging, 3 windows with cannons, Kremling Krew symbol in middle sailboat and black flag in back, K. Rool's golden figurehead in ship bow and red flag striped with black at the top of the mainbrace. A Klomp appears near the start, walking underwater, and a Spiny appears at the very end, when the Kongs exit the cargo. An alcove with a Banana Bunch in it is also in the left end of this area, while a Shuri waits for the primates in the lower right corner of it. Right at the start of the level before you move press the 'R' to make one of the kongs jump on the other. In the level Gangplank Galley, jump up the first barrels at the start, up where the first Bonus Barrel is. Language (Beta) × български Català Čeština At the beginning of the level, the Kongs can find a passage among several large crates and barrels that they must swim through. There's so many Banana Coins here telling you about them would make this file go to New Zealand. The Kongs encounter four types of underwater enemies: Flotsams, Puftups, Shuris and Lockjaws. Get first place in all of the Expresso Racing levels (7 DK Coins). To their left is a Banana Bunch Coin, and they can obtain it by swimming through some crates. An End of Level Target is here, and it is guarded by a Spiny. You will see another number made out of bananas and the DK Coin in the corner. An area much larger than this is to the north of here, and a few Flotsams thrive in it. To unlock the lost world you must pass the first world. There are some very good secret, like the DK coin at the beginning of Glimmer's Galleon. You will see a number made out of bananas. 1 Overview 2 Collectibles and Secrets 3 Gallery 4 Trivia Add a photo to this gallery They then encounter a Shuri at the bottom of a vertical path. If not, then go up again and over to the right. Gangplank Galleon: DK Coin From: vozskhurt. Check out our galleon coins selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops.

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